Active Meditation

We start early morning, on the beach, with 3 hour yoga, stretch & relaxation sessions on chill-out and rhythmic tunes. We learn how to be fully present and to connect with every vibration inside the body. We bring attention to our muscles, nerves, bones and the currents connecting all our parts. We end in a state of deep mind and body relaxation ... ready for what the day brings.

Stillness Hike

During our day-trip, silence is honored as the master key to expand our sensory skills. Non-verbal communication is a great stimulus for introspection and helps to perceive reality from different angles. As a group we share a time-space together and use our vision, hearing, touching, sensing and all other sensory tools we have to communicate ... without the use of words.

Tea & Talk

In a Quorem we see life as a movie. We learn to be more aware of the different scenes played during the day. In our evening tea & talk we discuss events that did catch our attention; from an unknown sensation in the spine during the morning stretch to a strange or coincidental situation. We bring attention to our subtle perceptions ... and a whole new world seems to appear.

3 workshops in 1 day

Part 1


(from 6 am to 9 am)

Breakfast + free time

Part 2


(from 11 am to 2 pm)

 Pick-nick lunch + free time

Part 3


(from 4 pm to 7 pm)

Warm meal + free time

Last evening campfire on the beach

Ben, Tamara, Maura & Alex are happy to welcome you !!


We start very early in the morning with a 3 hours sunrise active meditation on the beach: Deep and long intuitive stretching, breathing work, body and spine sensing and different yoga and dance relaxations. 


After some rest, we leave for the silent activity of the day. Usually 3 hours walk with pick-nick and water activities. Every day, new places and new experiences. (More info about the day-trips down the page)


In the late afternoon we come together for the tea ceremony and to discuss our experiences of the day. Everything funny, unusual, coincidental or unexpected during the day that we like to share. 

We learn from everyone, from everything and prepare ourselves as group and individuals for the next day. 

Obviously, every workshop is different, as every group is a unique gathering of various conceptual minds, bringing together the perfect experience for every participant!

Cala Moraig, Benitachell

Moraig is where the sunrise meditation take place. This bay has a unique inspiring energy and it's really amazing how quite and so alive this place can be, early in the morning, at any time of the year!

Picturesque, Moraira

Moraira is a small hill-top town with white houses and narrow streets. The charm of Moraira comes from its seafaring past, which still permeates the village today. Yet it also resides in its atmosphere. Walking in Moraira is to breathe a serene peace of the past in a modern town!

Montgo Natural Park

Ascending Montgo may be a little challenging for some, but nothing really difficult and don't worry, we hold enough pauses. But how rewarding are the views on this climb taking us up to Cova L'agua, it's just astonishing!

Boat trip from Denia

One of the most original way of thoroughly enjoying the beauty of the Mediterranean sea, is surely meditating on a boat near the coast, moved by the waves, enjoying the spectacular views of the surroundings!

Cala Llebeig, Benitachell

Another lovely bay, with calm turquoise water. Perfect for meditating, swimming, snorkeling and other water activities. One of these small bays where we realize how gorgeous and quiet life is, just under the surface of water!

Granadella, Javea

This stillness hike passes through the undulating hills of the town of Javea. It's called the "Parque Forestal", a protected area. The route begins in the narrow cove of Granadella and passes through several key locations along the coast, including several stunning viewpoints!

El Portet, Moraira

El Portet Beach is a calm and lovely bay. Quietly animated in the evenings for eventual late swimming, kayaks and stand up paddle boards!

Besides the obvious benefits of sharing a house to create a nice group synergy, a shared minibus has also very practical benefits as we can pick up and drop off everyone at once, between every workshop.


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